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The quick answer is to begin short periods of seperation asap but without a terminal event like closing the crate door for example. This is seen as terminal because the puppy cannot exit the crate and therefore, experiences seperation anxiety.

  • Begin by seperating for various 5 minute intervals throughout each day asap after welcoming your new puppy into the home.
  • Your puppy should cope without seeing you for short periods of time.
  • As soon as your short absence doesn’t seem to phase the pup, increase the time that you seperate from your puppy for slightly longer durations each day.
  • Importantly, don’t pay any attention to your puppy when you go (no long goodbyes or physical contact) and don’t fuss over them too much after you return.
  • Rinse and repeat for about 3 weeks or until you can leave the puppy inside your home without anybody being present for a few hours and without them making a sound.
  • Eventually, you will need to monitor the puppy from nearby but from outside your home to provide proof that they’re coping OK without any sensory perception of you.
  • Bob’s your uncle!
  • Follow these training instructions and your puppy won’t suffer when they’re left home alone.
  • Never leave a dog completely by themselves for longer than 4 hours. If you have to leave your puppy for longer periods, either get them a sibbling puppy to muck about with while you’re away or hire a dog sitter to care for them in your absence or… preferably….. DO BOTH!

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