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It really depends on the level of K-9 Patrol training that you require for your dog, what you wish to achieve, whether you want to invest in a PH1 / PH2 or prefer to train the dog you already own.

Patrol Certified K-9’s can be trained in perimeter security, close protection, multiple charge protection, sentry. In turn, these disciplines can be trained as full contact bite and release, guard only, alarm only, defensive or offensive, command only, command with K-9 situational threat analysis.

What do you intend to achieve with the certified K-9? Family protection, personal bodyguard, property protection? If the dog will be used in a civilian environment, are there any laws that regulate and restrict the behaviour of the dog that must be complied with like the UK’s Dangerous Dogs Act?

Depending on your answers, you’ll need advice as to what kind of Patrol K-9 best suits your requirements.

Once you’ve decided the appropriate level of training for your dog, your final decision is whether you would be best served training up your own dog or whether you’d be better off investing in a hereditary working line, Dutch bred PH1 / PH2 (Police Hunde) sired puppy and having this puppy trained up from 2.5 months to full certification at 1 year 3 months.

All of these decisions have cost implications. A PH1, fully certified will cost in the region of £65K. Training your own dog to full contact bite and release multiple charge (family) protection will cost in the region of £15K. Close protection (bodyguard) with your own dog, in the region of £12.5K. Alarm only, around £8.75K.

A K-9’s working life retires at 8 years. So any price you pay should be considered in terms of being divided by the working lifespan of your dog which inevitably makes the cost easier to stomach.

It’s also extremely important to note that the dog training company/trainer you use is properly qualified and experienced in the field of Working Patrol Dog Training. They should provide you with a completely controllable K-9 who has a default good temperament – calm and approachable — with the ability to instantly escalate to full protective capability when required. Switch on should be as a result of either handler command (AKA: Switch ON / Switch OFF aggressive response) or the K-9′s Situational Threat Analysis.

Finally, before you invest in a K-9, bare in mind that maintainence as directed by your trainer is not optional. Upon certification, you will own, to all intents and purposes, a constantly loaded weapon. You will therefore be responsible to assure the proper balance and maintainence of your working dog. That either involves you and your family acting appropriately around the dog or the hiring of an official handler who will take care of all the welfare requirements of the dog. The company who train the dog should perform regular Milestone Event sessions during the training programme with everyone who’s attached to the dog. These pass on control techniques, maintainence routines and handler skills throughout the training programme in bite sized chunks so that your K-9 handling skills evolve alongside your dog’s progress through the course without becoming overwhelming.

The final Milestone Event is termed “Hand-over”. The hand-over combines all previous Milestone Events and progresses the dog and handler in symbiosis towards full certification. In this way the possibly overwhelming responsibility of proper and SAFE K-9 handling is divulged over time, enabling dog and handler to progress with as little confusion, complication and stress as possible.

The training company used should also provide quarterly maintainence visits throughout the working life of the dog in order to maintain effectiveness and ability.

If you’re looking for the very best in terms of reliable conditioned response, feel free to contact us. We train to military standard.

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