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All successful dog training outcomes depend on preempting your dogs behaviour and activities in order to disassociate the mechanisms that activate unwanted behaviour and/or activities.

Therefore, it follows that if your dog has already enacted the action of peeing on your leg it’s already too late to teach him that’s not appropriate.

Use of a short sharp shock of a low toned vocalisation such as “No!!!”, while simultaneously and aggressively pointing your finger at your dog, at the exact point where he FIRST DISPLAYS THE INTENTION (by means of body language) will be enough to discourage this inappropriate activity. Around 10 secondsafter delivery of the corrective vocalization, command your dog to sit, stoop to one knee and reward your dogs recognition of unwanted behaviour with high pitched positive vocalizations and touch (NOT FOOD OR TOY REWARD).

Everyday CONSITENCY is KEY to success. You MUST implement this rebuke / reward system each and every time your dog displays the intention of commiting the crime until such activity is RELIABLY disassociated and ceases completely.

Whether he actually intended to carry out his action or not is irrelevant to your immediate response. You are INFALLIBLE PACK LEADER, are you not? Your dog wants to perceive you as such in any case so don’t second guess yourself, act conclusively and instantaneously upon first suspecting anything unwanted.

It’s important to note that ANY PROLONGED CORRECTIVE TECHNIQUE ORhuman standard of discipline will result in the dog perceiving the event as an ATTENTION EVENT. Don’t forget the equation: ATTENTION = STATUS. Therefore, should your dog perceive a possible avenue towards promotion in this respect, he will quickly adopt this behaviour/action as a means of pack promotion. Dogs are MASTERS OF MANIPULATION.

Lastly, never use any physical means of correction on your dog other than proper training equipment, correctly used, as this will only result in a deprecation of trust between you.

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