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The best way to keep your dogs safe at the roadside curb is to initiate a routine that we call “Road Safety”.

In the video that is linked below to this Blog post, Alice clearly demonstrates the routine, while the handler demonstrates the routine command structure.

In order to train your dogs to do this you must also be very disciplined yourself. From now on, every single curb (no matter how small or large or whether that curb is the middle intersection of a crossing, raised or lowered) you must always initiate the Road Safety routine.

This consists of having your dogs come to heel, sit and then assume the salute pose prior to being given permission by the handler to cross the road, when safe to do so.

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Having your dog focus and pay close attention to you by initiating the salute pose (as you see Alice demonstrating in the video) assures that the dog remains undistracted by vehicles (heavy lorries/buses and emergency service vehicles with sirens blaring – a major distraction) that may pass at such close proximity.

Have your dog’s retain the salute pose until such time as you deem it safe to cross. Use the “Heel” command to authorise your dogs to cross the road instead of the “Come” command as “Come” should initiate a run to your location whereas “Heel” should initiate a calm walk to your side.

You should also train your dogs to immediately stop, (AKA: Emergency Stop), train the “Wait” command. This is necessary just in case a vehicle appears that you weren’t aware of and you need to stop your dogs as quickly as possible.

The commands and positions/poses you will need to train at the roadside curb are:

  • “Heel & Sit”
  • “Look” / Salute
  • “Heel”
  • “Wait”

The environment that dogs are trained in is crucial to their eventual conditioned response. Road Safety’s goal, whereby the dog will sit automatically at the roadside curb without further prompt from the handler, is only possible with the consistent and absolutely routine initiation of the Road Safety protocol.

At every roadside curb (which internationally is definable by a rectangular shaped paving slab or a bumpy surface at the crossing) the handler must initiate the road safety routine so that in time the appearance of a rectangular paving slab will trigger the conditioned response of your dog sitting and waiting to be commanded to cross. You’ll soon know that your dogs have been conditioned to this behaviour as one day you’ll be in a rush and forget to initiate road safety, you’ll start to cross but will be pulled back by your dog’s who will be dutifully sitting by the roadside curb.

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