Looking for Pedigree Canine? That's us! We've recently rebranded to our new name - Lupine Canine!

Lupine Canine, where dogs come first - always 


When our Kennelmaster Leander came into this world, he was immediately greeted by his family dog, Toby. Ever since growing up with Toby beside him, Leander has had a fascination with the natural world and a devotion to all the canines in it.

Leander went on to gain experience in Military Working Dog training and studied under a former US Delta Forces Kennelmaster (Special Operations, K-9 Unit).

Lupine Canine specialises in all levels of Canine Obedience, Behaviour Modification, Agility and Working Dog Training. We provide owners with invaluable advice regarding their dog’s development, so they correctly perceive their dogs psychological, physiological and welfare requirements. We provide owners with a wholistic understanding of proper canine development that matches canine expectations of leadership and natural order.



Kettie the Corgi returns the ball to Kennelmaster Leander





Kennelmaster Leander with K9 Military Working Dog Milan

Lupine Canine provides dog training services for Domestic Dogs and Working Dogs. See individual pages for more detail on training services.

Lupine Canine also provides Behaviour Modification Training, Agility, pet food and nutritional/ownership advice.

We cordially invite new customers to join our family and provide their dogs with a lifestyle second to none. By providing such stimulating experiences to them and their dog/s, Lupine Canine offers the key that unlocks and fosters the canine/human symbiotic relationship. Only then will clients understand the umbilical connection of man's best friend.

  • "Lupine Canine helped bring back the love of dog ownership. Our GSD was around 18months when her recall and general obedience started to deteriorate And when coupled with reactivity to other dogs we realised that we had a problem. Several trainers and behaviourist later I got in touch with Leander and with hindsight it is the best phone call I made. I just wish I had called them earlier."

    Leander with Scout the German Shepherd
  • "Lupine Canine has trained our street dog Maliniois Bella to advanced obedience level. She started in Jan 2019 and completed the training in May 2019. She is now a totally different dog... obedient, disciplined and calm. The change does not happen immediately and the consistency of approach is very important."

  • Lupine Canine will give you and your dog all the tools you need to succeed, you have to then consistently implement them. Training your dog with Lupine Canine is 100 pct worth it.

  • "Lupine Canine are excellent trainers. Our dobie adores Leander and he has helped her to grow from a strong-headed puppy to a mature obedient and perfect family dog for us, including close-protection. 🐕👌🏼"

  • "We had training from Leander at Lupine Canine. Leander is passionate and professional in his approach. We highly recommend him. Attila loves Leander which you can see from him waiting by the door before training with his tail waging feverishly. We have been working with Lupine Canine since our dog Attila was 2 months old. Leander has not only helped us with training but has guided us though behavior issues. He goes above and beyond by sorting out Attila’s health problems. He early detected a serious allergy issue and worked tirelessly to ensure it was resolved."

  • "Not only does Lupine Canine work with the dog, but they also work with you on how to handle/train your dog. The life style we want with our dog is to take him everywhere with us. We are now able to do that. We have taken our dog all over London and the UK, crowded trains, buses, friend’s houses and crowded parks with picnics/kids playing football. Everywhere we go we get compliments on how amazingly well behaved he is in a chaotic environment. We highly recommend Lupine Canine for any training and boarding. Thank you Leander and Lupine Canine for all your help. You have great impact on our life."

  • Lupine Canine saved my family! We have 2 adorable French bulldogs - a breed notoriously difficult to train - and we were really struggling with their behaviour. We were suffering through everything from wetting furniture, destroying books, getting up on the dining room table and worse. Leander was recommended to me by a friend because of her positive experience. During the first session improvements were obvious! Very quickly we (the puppies and me!) learned where we had gone wrong and how to reset. I’m so grateful to Leander and the Lupine Canine team and have recommended them to many families. Thank you for returning the joy of Dog ownership to us!

  • "We did the basic obedience and behaviour modification programme and after 3 months we have an obedient and balanced dog. Our relationship with the dog has never been stronger.

    With Lupine Canine the dog is taught but you as owners are also taught how to lead a pack with Leander and his team going into dog psychology. I read lots of books before getting our pup but I wish I had just spoken to Leander.

    The courses also cover nutrition, routine, vocalisation and leadership. I thought I knew how to raise a dog but I really did not.

    The entire team is fantastic and special shout out to Felix and Tash who did a wonderful job with us too.

    Thank you for everything."

  • I would like to thank you so much.

    It’s amazing to see and work with someone that obviously loves their job so much and is so passionate about the wellbeing of dogs.

    I know it’s been a big commitment but I’m really happy and glad we did it, as I can see the results with Syril and feel confident bringing him up now with the RIGHT tools.

    Let this not be the end and I would love for us to continue working with you guys in the future.

    All the best and thanks a million again!

    Nik & Hayley & Syril! ❤️