Lupine Canine, where dogs come first - always 

When our Kennelmaster Leander came into this world, he was immediately greeted by his family dog, Toby. Ever since growing up with Toby beside him, Leander has had a fascination with the natural world and a devotion to all the canines in it.

Leander went on to gain experience in Military Working Dog training and studied under a former US Delta Forces Kennelmaster (Special Operations, K-9 Unit).

Lupine Canine specialises in all levels of Canine Obedience, Behaviour Modification, Agility and Working Dog Training. We provide owners with invaluable advice regarding their dog’s development, so they correctly perceive their dogs psychological, physiological and welfare requirements. We provide owners with a wholistic understanding of proper canine development that matches canine expectations of leadership and natural order.



Kettie the Corgi returns the ball to Kennelmaster Leander





Kennelmaster Leander with K9 Military Working Dog Milan

Lupine Canine provides dog training services for Domestic Dogs and Working Dogs. See individual pages for more detail on training services.

Lupine Canine also provides Behaviour Modification Training, Agility, pet food and nutritional/ownership advice.

We cordially invite new customers to join our family and provide their dogs with a lifestyle second to none. By providing such stimulating experiences to them and their dog/s, Lupine Canine offers the key that unlocks and fosters the canine/human symbiotic relationship. Only then will clients understand the umbilical connection of man's best friend.

Mission Statement

To promote proper dog handling, the highest standards of welfare, training and owner/dog symbiosis leading to a harmonious household which, in itself, helps to ensure a balanced, happy, healthy, able, confident and reliable dog.